Introductory Passages
Creating the World we Feel
Common to all Creatures and People of all Cultures
Being Awake and Aware
A Forgotten Part of Life's Balance

Basic Types of Sensing - basic guidelines being rewritten
The Two Modes Of Sensing - good
Panoramic Hunting
The Various Intensities of Panoramic Sensing
Comparisons - irrelevant
Animal Guidelines
Going Panoramic
Lookout Games and Experiments

Supplementary Pages to Chapter One
The Various Forms of Mindful Listening
Listening out and Nowness
A Human Birthright
Wide Angle Vision

Supplementary Pages to Chapter Two
Focusing on the Present Moment
We're not Slave to our Senses – We Treat Our Senses Like Slaves
Links and Videos on Peripheral Vision

Supplementary Pages to Chapters Three
A Collective Blind Spot
Inflation and Debt
Population and Inflation

Supplementary Pages to Chapter Four
History of Rotary Motion
Development of The Wheel
General Development of the Meanings of Dukkha and Sukkha
The Five Aggregates
The Transmission of the Teachings
Modern Buddhism and The Dharmachakra

Supplementary Pages to Chapter Five
The New-Age Religions
Alan Watts and Peripheral Vision
Personal Religion vs.Gaia
The Death Stewpot

Supplementary Pages to Chapter Six and Seven
Backs to the Wind
Animal Rights in the Modern World
Do animals have an ego?
Childhood Experiences and Sidetracks
Meditation Methods
Development of Body and Breath Exercises
Looking with two eyes

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