Nietzsche et. al. destroyed the traditional personalised God image, (but never mentioned a great creative spirit). Then Freud et. al. replaced God at the centre of the world with an individual ego.

There is much debate about if this ego has any actual substance or is purely abstract. Much the same as questions about if God is real or abstract. From a panoramic perspective such questions are irrelevant – they are all only focal points.

In previous times religious seekers would 'find themselves' through self-sacrifice, ego-sacrifice and finding God.

The new age religions emphasise directly 'finding yourself', self-realisation and self-development; with ideas like 'you are created by thought' and being an 'authentic individual'; or using 'positive thinking' to acheive some new form of pure consciousness.

And maybe there is some superior form of universal consciousness, but all the time we are ignoring and neglecting using our senses in their universal capacity, the panoramic capacity.

All the time we are neglecting what animals can teach us. Animals and young children know how to use their senses in their panoramic capacity. Animals and young children have the wisdom to be our new gurus.

Here is a dividing line.

The people who lead these new age religions have it easy. They often have a privileged background, their independence was confirmed by good parents from an early age. They are either intelligent enough to write books, or video-genic enough to attract viewers, and get confirmation even admiration from their followers. But for normal people, trying to be an independent self-sufficient ego is really tricky.

In a herd there are only a few alpha leaders, the majority follow. Every culture can only have a few heroes who have or appear to have, a stable, culturally confirmed, ego, and they have this at the cost of their admirers. (And even these 'successful' few never appear satisfied, the search for more, is typically self-perpetuating.)

I expand on these themes in My Personal Religious Views.

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