In these modern times, our Western herd mentality doesn't 'trust in God'.

Organised religions don't help. They portray God a bit like a beneficial social state, with CCTV cameras watching over each one of us.

The original creative thinking of Nietzsche, Darwin, Freud et al., broke the old walls down, but then we found our individual egos, and now we want more for them.

Most of our leading thinkers don't open their minds, let alone hearts, to the significance of the great creative big bang, without which we wouldn't even exist.

Which brings us to new-age religions teaching new forms of herd mentality – believing in 'finding yourself', self-realisation, self-development, unifying mind-body-spirit – until we are superior beings in a state of pure and universal consciousness, (soon maybe with neuralinks implanted in our brains).

Finding your Real Self

Our modern culture is going through a stage of looking for psychological and scientific answers.

Anything as long as its not reminiscient of the one God of traditional times – as long as it avoids any from of ego-sacrifice, devotion or subservience to a ONE supreme eternal cosmic energy.

So, we're left with psychology and bits and pieces of Hindu, Buddhist and other Asian religions and philosophy, the higher self, the real self, and a few prehistoric nature Gods from Celtic and Greek pantheism.

Some of these methods are horrific. They often have cool sounding names. See Oponopono and Gaia for a couple of modern relatively common sense methods.

It is irrelevant to give summaries here. There is something essential missing from almost all new-age theories. They originate from a time when an almighty spiritual essence was just taken for granted, it was present in everything we did and thought, it was part of our mind-set.

Another part of that mind-set was that in those times we lived for and because of our social group.

People weren't as self centred.


It's largely a question of leadership. Now that self realisation is the ultimate aim, the leaders attain this merely by having followers. The followers have their herd mentality, so everyone finds a sense of confirmation and identity.

Animals teach freely, they ask for nothing back. Animals teach us a surprisingly simple method as ancient as life itself: the panoramic experience of direct awareness, oneness and selflessness.

Added to this, it fulfils all the modern requirements of the new age: there is no need to acknowledge or devote yourself to One God.

Hidden Potential and Expanding Consciousness

Some of these new-age methods can undoubtedly unlock hidden potential and help us connect with forgotten or unrealised talents and energies and help bring our lives in balance.

But panoramic sensing IS a forgotten, unrealised potential and talent, and evolution's basic balance in life.

Animal Gurus

Animals and young children know how to use their senses in their panoramic capacity. Animals and young children would make the best new-age gurus.

The teaching tradition would be safe in their hands, safe from pompous and abstract theories, safe from the 'true self' and its superior egoism.

Please read A Focused or Panoramic God

There are myriad new age variations of focusing on the present moment, even a few trendy forms of panoramic sensing.

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