In previous times religious seekers would find peace and truth through self-sacrifice, ego-sacrifice and finding God.

In these modern times, our culture generally doesn't 'trust in God'. Even those who acknowledge a great spirit, are often not devoted or subordinate to it. Our modern culture is going through a stage of looking for psychological and scientific answers – it's a stage our new global culture needs to go through.

The new-age religions emphasise believing in and 'finding yourself', self-realisation and self-development; we want to find new ways to a state of pure and universal consciousness.

All the methods in use can probably unlock some hidden potential in a person. They can probably help to connect with and find forgotten or unrealised talents and energies, they can probably help bring our lives in balance.

But almost all of them are about life as a series of focal points.

We are neglecting using our senses in their universal capacity, their panoramic capacity.

Panoramic sensing IS a forgotten, unrealised potential and talent, and evolution's basic balance in life.

Animals and young children know how to use their senses in their panoramic capacity. Animals and young children would make the best new-age gurus.

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