Nietzsche et. al. destroyed the traditional personalised God image, (but never mentioned a great creative spirit). Then Freud et. al. replaced God at the centre of the world with an individual ego.

There is much debate about if this ego has any actual substance or is purely abstract. This has replaced the debate about if God is real or abstract. From a panoramic perspective such questions are irrelevant – God and the ego are both focal points.

In previous times religious seekers would find peace and truth through self-sacrifice, ego-sacrifice and finding God.

The new age religions emphasise 'finding yourself', self-realisation and self-development; raising our state of consciousness to achieve a new form of pure consciousness.

And maybe there is a superior state of consciousness which hasn't evolved yet – but all the time we are neglecting using our senses in their universal capacity, the panoramic capacity.

All the time we are trying to discover new ways and methods to help us to connect with and find forgotten or unrealised parts of ourselves, and help bring our lives in balance.

Panoramic sensing IS a forgotten, unrealised part of ourselves, and evolution's basic balance in life.

Animals and young children know how to use their senses in their panoramic capacity. Animals and young children make the best gurus.

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