Chapter Three

Other animals repeat instinctive behaviour – humans repeat learnt behaviour.

Civilisation depended on focusing to learn, copy and repeat all our learnt behaviour and ideas. Humans have been developing a one-sided way of sensing and managing life for hundreds of thousands of years.

hamster in hamster wheel spinningSlowly we have become overwhelmed by the inherent repetitions of learning. Modern civilisation is reaching a breaking point.

At ths same time, our focused way of life has become blind to panoramic sensing.

All other animals need to use both their focused and panoramic awareness in order to survive.

Chapter 3 is still developing. The main essays in this Chapter are a first draft. I know i have an original viewpoint on life, i hope what i've written so far is uderstandable. I'm sure there are better explanations but it all takes time.

Civilisations Habitual Ruts
Displacement Behaviour in Humans
The Individual and Wholeness
Safety and Beliefs
Abstract Reality vs. Paramic Reality
Solid Ground

Support Pages
Anthropological Timeline
Artificial Intelligence
Display Rituals and Being Invisible


Background Pages
The Traditional Ruts of Security and Pleasure
The Amazing Development of Focusing
Beliefs and Their Confirmation
A Collective Blind Spot

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