Exploring the Full Potential of our Humanity

Exploring the full potential of our humanity is vital to our culture's future. There may well be many areas of higher intelligence yet to discover; meanwhile, we have inadvertently suppressed a fundamental talent which every animal knows: Panoramic sensing.

Modern-day humans only use our panoramic awareness in a subliminal or secondary manner. All other animals need to use both their focused and panoramic awareness actively in order to survive. This is a basic balance in life which all other animals have.

Animals would die if they only ever focused. In order for animals to use their panorama senses and then be ready to respond, it's necessary for them to stop everything they are doing, wanting, and getting – everything they are focusing on. Panoramic awareness is the direct, natural, tried and tested, counterbalance to focusing, and the cure for overfocusing.

Panoramic sensing is the direct connection with everything happening in the immediate environment, but without analysing it, without any abstract thought. This way of sensing is inherently non-judgemental. The blackbird doesn't have time to form an opinion and understand when she sees danger, she responds spontaneously without thinking. It is non-judgemental, but it is not impartial or indifferent.

Humans have the advantage that we are safe. We made life safe with our focusing talents and made walls, warning signals, and weapons. Now, we don't need to run away at the first sign of a cat or dog, but we've become indifferent. We hardly notice all the spontaneous, random things happening around us. When we have a connection with the world around us, then it is only by focusing on a specific part of it.

Sensing in the panoramic way is another way of experiencing life and understanding it. It is a way to just be and feel pleasure and peace, without either focusing on something which is pleasurable or secure; or closing the senses and going into deep meditation.

We are not using all our basic and natural sensory abilities to experience the world and our lives, we have a limited experience of life, so it's not surprising that we can't feel life completely as a whole, or feel wholesome or complete.

Panoramic sensing temporarily interrupts the patterns of thinking and doing, which are causing the pace of life to overrun us now. Panoramic awareness is the most direct and fundamental step needed to resolve what's happening in the world today.

How we sense the world, determines how we experience and understand it.

Panoramic sensing doesn't replace any focused activity, or dozing, it makes it safe. It's part of staying alive. Every animal does it. Every animal except humans.

As individuals, we can't expect to develop any realistic and reliable relationship with life, without using the panorama mode in our daily lives. And no modern culture can expect to survive without it.

Children are born with this way of being in touch with and sensing the world.

We must balance our increasing stimulation and early education in focused reading, writing, and thinking with an early education and encouragement of the panorama mode. Panoramic Sensing is a human birthright.

We must play at going on the lookout with our children. Watching for movements all around and out of the corners of our eyes like blackbirds – listening-out for dogs and humans like a hare does – and smelling on the wind for coffee or food cooking, just as the hedgehog will smell for apples and beetles.

The games we could play with children, to help them maintain contact with this birthright at the same time as preparing them for the complexities of the modern world, are discussed in the Questions for Children in Chapter Seven. But first do it yourself.

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