Chapters Six and Seven

Civilisation's one-sided training for life neglects two aspects of our basic potential. Our panorama senses, and an awareness of our bodies from the inside. Both are essential parts of becoming a complete human being.

Our sub-cultures are rich in exercises on inner body mindfulness. There are libraries full of literature on the subject. Its importance needs no extra emphasis from me.

However, the practice of inner body awareness is usually limited to breathing exercises and the tactile sense. These pages explore listening, smelling, tasting, and visualising inside the body. Each of these senses open up different aspects of inner-body mindfulness.

Chapter Six

A reminder from Chapter One
Mindfulness of Smelling and Tasting

Due to the time it takes until a sensitivity for tasting and scenting develops, it may be more appropriate to continue with Chapter 7

Tasting Basics and Development Games
Savouring Scentsgroup of elephants smelling danger
Return to Normal Human Smelling

Enhancing Scents and Nostril Yoga
Research on Smelling
Ancient and Modern Smells

Chapter Seven


Animal Identity
Body and Breathing Awareness
Seeing With Closed Eyes
Listening and Seeing Inside
Creative Dozing

seal blowing bubbles underwaterSo far, this opens up the door to new dimensions of inner body awareness. But i don't know what lies beyond.

The effects of pure panoramic seeing and listening as vulnerable animals use them, are obvious, they are manifest, and they are relatively easy to explain.

Panoramic hunting as pedatory animals use it involves focusing and all the learning thinking and wanting systems. It is a complex subject, and it's irrelevant to this site.

The inner body senses of smelling and tasting open up another basic experience of life. I am convinced that when they are dozing, animals are aware of the tastes and smells inside their own bodies; and i know when i am, it is an astounding new feeling of reality.

But, whereas panoramic sensing is manifest and relatively easy to describe – any individual or group of adults could easily start fooling themselves about how the inner body really feels.

I don't want to get involved in theories or anything unnatural; anything an innocent animal wouldn't feelbeaver cutting tree on the lookout. So, there are a number of questions which i would love to ask small children, to guide us, to help us find natural ways to develop our inner-body awareness.

Questions and Games for Children

Please experiment for yourself. You are welcome to do whatever you imagine it feels like for animals (or babies). The following are my experiments, they may help.

Empathy With Plants
Experiments and Combinations

Personal Closing Word
Our Animal Gurus

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