Chapters Six and Seven

These pages explore listening, smelling, tasting, and visualising inside the body. Each of these senses has its own sphere of sensitivity.

Body awareness through breathing and the tactile sense is limited. Each of our seeing, hearing, smelling, and tasting senses add a different dimension to inner body mindfulness.

These pages are supplementary to the main site. There are already libraries full of literature on inner body awareness, i don't need to emphasise its basic importance.

For this reason these Chapters have been left till last to organise. At present, i am pefecting the main Chapters and will get here hopefully sometime in 2023.

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Chapter Six

Smelling and Tasting

Savouring Scents
Return to Normal Human Smelling

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Chapter Seven


Semi-conventional Body Mindfulness
Firstly i will cover the basics, breathing and the inner sense of touch. This is a collection of methods i've used over the years.

Body and Breathing Awareness
My Childhood Experiences

How to Start Dozing
Development of Body and Breath Exercises

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NOW - Welcome to the most disorganised part of this site. I will be perfecting this section last, probably in 2023.
Please first read the essays explaining the Panorama Senses.

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A Guess at the Inner Body Awareness of Animals

Huamans think about their world, and we think about what happens in our bodies. And, i started thinking that if an animal's sense of reality is so much more to do with seeing, listening, and smelling, rather than thinking – then they understand their own bodies by what they can hear, smell, taste, and 'what they imagine they can see', inside their bodies.

And i'm not saying that i can empathise well with how animals feel. But after 40 yrs of doing different meditations, imagining how animals use their senses of taste, smell, hearing, and seeing, – opened up whole new perspectives on inner body mindfulness.

The effects of panoraming are obvious, they are manifest. But, it is impossible to prove how animals actually use their senses internally to feel their identity and the reality of their bodies.

I don't want to get involved in theories or anything unnatural, anything an innocent animal wouldn't feel. So, there are a number of questions which i would love to ask small children. Where does the breath go in your body? Where do smells go in your body? What can you taste in your body? ... etc. ... to guide us, to help us find natural ways to develop our inner body awareness.

Empathy With Animals
Questions and Games for Children

Please experiment for yourself. You are welcome to do whatever you imagine it feels like for animals (or babies). The following are my experiments, they may help.

Listening and Seeing Inside
Empathy With Plants
Creative Dozing

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Supplementary Pages
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