Babies in the womb can distinguish light (and sound) through the mother's body – they turn to look at it. Therefore the body is porous, and cells which are sensitivity to light inside our bodies, are able to see light inside our bodies. This is a very practical from of "the inner light".

Normally, when looking with closed eyes, we see little stars, or vague shapes, and streaks of light and colour, or sometimes a kaleidoscope image. This is the result of our habitual focused vision.

When looking in a panoramic way with the eyes closed – and by concentrating on an area of around 60° of the sidewards peripheries – i can see light, as though it shines in and out through the forehead, temples, and cheeks.

To some extent it must be an optical illusion but if so, then animals would also have such optical illusions. It's as though i have eyes on both sides of my head like some animals.

I only have to close my eyes and look sidewards, both sides at the same tine, and it happens. Try it yourself.

Second Eye-Lid – Eyes in The Back of Your Head
Many animals have a second eye-lid, which when dozing allows them to detect changes in light and shade.

With closed eyes in darkness, when a light goes on behind, it is noticeable from the light waves in the air.

So, i'm sure that when dozing, animals can distinguish light and shade changing behind them, and that in effect, they have eyes in the back of their head.

So, stretch your empathy and imagine how it might be for a duck or a horse to see light all around them when dozing.

Spread The Light
Then, and this will seem totally unrealistic, but i must mention it. See how this sensation of light all around can spread to the neck, and then with a little time through the whole body. I have no rational argument for this, so i can only ask you to try it out.

It's a feeling, rather than a visualisation. A feeling of light all over and through the body and being almost transparent.

I could argue that as every plant senses light – and our human skin, especially since it became hairless, is more sensitive than the stem of a daffodil – our skin must be able to feel light. But to actually see this must be my imagination.

However because it's so easy and natural and feels good and healthy, i can only imagine that animals would also have discovered this 'optical illusion', and sense it as a normal part of being alive, and use it for healing and in other ways i can only guess at.

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A related experimental idea is

Looking with two eyes

A letter from Michael Heinbockel :
"I found a way to fall asleep very quick. I don‘t know why but it almost always works... I close my eyes and focus on the back of my lids. That totally stops me from thinking and having pictures in front of my inner eye. For more see Looking with two eyes.

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