Put your hands up between your eyes, so you block the central area. You will get an impression of how it is to see with eyes on both sides of your face.

Looking with two eyes

A letter from Michael Heinbockel :
I found a way to fall asleep very quick. I don‘t know why but it almost always works.

I close my eyes and focus on the back of my lids. That totally stops me from thinking and having pictures in front of my inner eye.

It reminds me of your idea to look at a wall without focusing.

My Answers:
First i noticed my eyes felt warm, then a far stronger sensation, i noticed how i'd got two eyes – rather than one vision point or field which i was looking at.

>Two eyes, yeah, same experience here.

... and then the abstract thoughts started and i thought... if it works, it's something to do with the two brain halves not being connected and coordinated by the one field or object of vision.

I did a google search for "birds eye open controls brain awake"
Obviously it's common knowledge: birds can sleep with one eye open and half of their brain awake, and they control how awake they are, by how open their eye is.

I don't use this regularly. I have done it a couple of times. There seems to be a trick where you don't just look at the back of the eyelids, but look outwards as well. I would be very surprised if animals hadn't discovered this and use it regularly while sleeping and dozing.

There are some very interesting things going on here, i don't know yet how it all works – the difference between looking at the back of the eyelids and seeing black; and what i usually do with seeing light all around. Maybe as well it's near to something associated with trance states.

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