Chapter Five

This is a very short Chapter. Anyone with an interest in spirituality will be questioning how panoramic sensing relates to God or the great spirit.

sun moon and earthLots can only be done by the blessing and grace of God. And if we want help or forgiveness, then we need that from something greater than us.

But to be still inside and now, and stop all the pointless abstract thinking, that's up to us to do.

Cat touching spirit a la MichelangeloWe have lost the balance in life, in all that we do, including the search for Oneness or God.

I can't imagine all the ways panoramic awareness could change our experience of 'panoramic consciousness'; but this Chapter opens up the subject.

The Great Creative Energy
Why it's so Difficult to Find God
Ignore the Monkey
Oneness, Love, Empathy, and Panoraming
Finding Ourselves

Supplementary Ideas
The New-Age Religions
The Value of Focusing on God

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