What are we Looking For? and How are we Looking?

We're missing out on a whole range of human potential. And though i like the idea of 'expanding consciousness', i'm critical of a lot of the methods of doing this.

There is a big difference between using the same methods of concentration and focusing with which we built our one-sided civilisations... and using our full sensory abilities to search for it.

We need focal points in life, and higher aims (far better than investing in material greed). But focusing usually, but not always, just re-turns the wheels, it supports and reaffirms the repetitious momentum of thinking and wanting.

Animals know that to make life safe – focusing must always be balanced with panoramic awareness.

Our panoramic sense of the world, and an awareness of how it feels to see, hear, smell, and taste the body from the inside, are both new dimensions of knowing ourselves, of feeling real and feeling 'I exist' and 'I am'.

Panoramic sensing, and an awareness of the body from the inside add balance, and depth to our sense of self-identity. And therefore, they reduce our need for the social confirmation of our self-image (see especially Beliefs and Their Confirmation). They all reduce the insecurity which leads to our present day problems.

Together with focusing – all three could establish a wonderful creative working relationship between the world inside every being and the world outside.

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