So many horrible things are done in God's name, and there are so many prejudiced religions and closed-minded Gods; it's not surprising that most people reject spiritual ideas.

God and Gods in previous times and cultures united a tribe. I'm wanting to help demystify the subject, find points of unity and a broad consensus of opinion.

The Great Creative Energy

I suggest, the word 'God' is the short word we use in our culture to describe the great creative energy.

I rather like the modern scientific idea (the big bang theory): in a nothingness of infinite eternities, sometime something will happen – a singularity will occur – and this sets off a chain reaction.

The creation, when the universe was set in a state of continuous creation which is still continuing today... and everything is still in some way connected and coordinated with everything else, all part of the same thing. And somehow – even though we don't understand it – the big picture makes sense.

The interesting question is this: If there is an ultimate or eternal energy, which is so big and omnipresent, and connects everything, and is everywhere – then why is it so difficult for humans to get in touch with it?

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