God God isn't so much the Christian word, it's the English word.
and Gods in previous times and cultures united a tribe. I'm wanting to establish points of unity, and find a broad consensus of opinion between believers in a higher power, science, and most religions.

The Cosmic Energy

Perhaps the great creative energy has no beginning or end. Perhaps it is more magical than rational.

However it showed itself, in all it's glory with the big bang, the creation – when through a series of chain reactions, the universe was set in a state of continuous creation which is still continuing today.

Einstein suggested the big bang theory.
Stephen Hawking first proved it in terms of theoretical physics.
I recently watched a movie about Stephen Hawking. I found out that Penzias and Wilson received a Noble Prize in 1978 for their discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. This is the residual 'heat' and vibration still emanating from the event; still resonating through the universe; still permeating our atmosphere.

It was good to know that everything is still in some way connected with everything else... and it's all still oscillating.

Without that great moment of creation, without that energy, we wouldn't exist.

For more on the nature of God, please see A Focused or Panoramic God.

Yet it satisfies most of our present day's prominent thinkers, to disprove and dismiss the traditional God of organised religion.

Now, a small part of the residue of something much bigger and more powerful than us, can even be detected with our technology, yet personally we are unable to see or feel it.

So the practical question is this: If there is an ultimate or eternal energy, something which is so powerful that it permeates everything – then why is it so difficult for humans to get in touch with it?

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