My principle belief is in a great creative spirit, an energy more like the wind than any clear focal point. But here, i want to start by making a case for "old time religion" and
God God isn't so much the Christian word, it's the English word.
as a focus point.

The Value of an Abstract God

Focusing always concentrates on specific things or small areas, trying to find oneness or wholeness by focusing involves us in a paradox. The only way to resolve this paradox is by focusing on an almighty all-powerful higher focal point.

Focusing and concentration are easy and natural with anything beautiful, creative or awesome; and God is, at the very least, an amazingly powerful focal point.

And if there is no great spirit, and the idea of God developed purely as a result of our abstract thinking system – the system which divides life into abstract bits to understand the relationship between subjects and objects – then exactly that makes God an ideal focal point.

In our imagination, in the reality of our abstract understanding, nothing could ever function better than that. It will have a real psychological effect, regardless of any scientific, logical or rational ideas.

The Disadvantage

Religions and beliefs all involve intense forms of focusing. So the practical problem is that any strong focal point can easily become closed-minded.

And a closed-minded God could never create anything. God has to be open minded.

Shame on the authoritarian closed-minded Gods which have traumatised billions of innocent people.

It was probably essential for the survival of our global community, that Nietzsche, Darwin, et al. questioned and destroyed the traditional idea of God.

But then Freud et al. replaced the centre of the world with an individual ego.

And nowadays, philosophers question if the ego is merely an abstract idea, in much the same way that Nietzsche previously questioned God.

The bottom line here is that God and the ego are both focal points. And only ever exclusively focusing is an unbalanced use of our sensory faculties. It limits our understanding, creativity and intelligence.

Every other animal on our planet alternates or coordinates almost all of their focused activities with periods of panoramic sensing.

Whatever we believe in, needs to be balanced with periods of panoramic sensing.

The Moment of Eternal Creation

Nowadays i don't see why the subject is so difficult, especially since Penzias and Wilson. And nature shows the way.

A tree creates apples and gives them freely, with no idea who eats them. The sun shines all round and unconsciously a fraction lands on earth.

The original spark didn't know what it was doing when it created a magical chaos of possibilities. Without it we wouldn't exist, but it doesn't know that. It hasn't even any understanding of the concept of asking for anything back.

But such a non descript God is useless to organised religion, it has no morals, no order, no purpose.

It's only humans who need a plan. Humans who only know how to focus and can only understand life in terms of subjects doing purposeful things to objects.

The Great Creative Energy, is being and doing, without knowing.

Maybe what gives me this belief, is my experience of panoramic sensing; and learning this from animals who had no idea they were teaching me. It's complementary and consistent.

Modern Scientific God

I notice some modern "thinkers" have tried to co-opt the big bang into God's scheme of all things which planned each one of our lives aeons in advance.

This obsession with and glorification of a God who is organised like a conscious being who can focus on every little thing, make rational decisions and judgements – has the direct consequence that ordinary people turn away from God; then why would such an all knowing God allow horrible things, disease, war, etc. to happen, where is the reasoning?

Just as the Gods with commandments who are able to focus on each one of us will inevitably restrict us. So those who seek for deeper reasons, get the idea that we are giving up our free will.

All this supports the horrible individuality of self asserting egos in our modern age. Even those who acknowledge a great spirit often wear it as a badge, they are often only devoted or subordinate to the herd mentality of focusing.

This mystical creative God, the subtle energy source – the eternal spring which gives without ever running dry, without knowing who or what drinks its waters – asks nothing of us... Its up to us if and when we want to bathe in its waters.

It allows us freedom to develop our precious individual free will without any of the constraints of confirmation from any form of herd mentality.


It's largely a question of leadership. Previously it was called power, nowadays with self realisation as the ultimate aim, the leaders attain this merely by having followers. The followers have their herd mentality, so everyone finds a sense of confirmation and identity.

The panoramic experience is of direct awareness, oneness, and wholeness.

Animals taught me like the great rivers give water, the wind moves clouds, and the trees give apples – without even realising they were doing it. They gave freely and ask nothing back.

The teaching tradition would be safe in their hands, safe from pompous and abstract theories, safe from the 'true self' and its superior egoism... as discussed in The New Age Religions.

See also Prayer.

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