My principle belief is in a great creative spirit, an energy more like the wind than any clear focal point. But here i want to make a case for "old time religion" and God as a focus point.

And a closed-minded God would never have been able to create anything. Anything else is a contradiction of common sense, God has to be open minded.

In these modern times, our culture generally doesn't 'trust in God'. Even those who acknowledge a great spirit, are often not devoted and subordinate to it. Our modern culture is going through a stage of looking for psychological and scientific answers – it's a stage our culture probably needs to go through.

Nowadays people often see believing in God as rather stupid. Praying is just about ok, "if you feel you need it", but having to rely on a great creative eternal spirit is usually considered to be a weakness. The point and aim of modern life is to be a self-reliant individual.

We understand life in terms of focal points so we need something to focus on, otherwise we feel pointless. Our focusing systems are built that way.

Focusing is useful and practical with anything you want. Focusing is indispensable for achieving any higher goal in life.

Wholesome inspiring ideas and Gods and God, are ideal to focus on, because focusing and concentration are easy and natural with anything beautiful, creative or awesome.

If we dont focus on higher goals, or any goals at all, or if we don't have an admirable, awesome and hopefully forgiving god to focus on and believe in, then we will inevitably end up following our pre-set habits – wanting easy selfish entertainment and believing in (or worried about) our own egos.

God is, at the very least, an amazingly powerful focal point.

The Value of an Abstract God
And if there is no great spirit and no God, and the idea of God developed purely as a result of our abstract thinking system – the system which divides life into abstract bits to understand the relationships – then exactly that makes God an ideal focal point. And in the reality of our abstract understanding, nothing could ever function better than focusing on that.

And if our imaginations create an abstract personality, even a supernatural body with third eyes and eight arms, to make it feel more real and powerful, and then we project our highest human emotions and ideals onto it, then this image will have a real psychological effect, regardless any scientific, logical or analytical ideas.

Unfortunately this is true when we project anything onto God, and the authoritarian closed-minded God of so many organised religions have traumatised billions of innocent suffering people.

And this seems to be the main reason it was essential that Nietzsche, Darwin, et. al. questioned and then destroyed God.

So if the science and logic is correct, and there is a big energy, the creation itself, when the world was set in a state of permanent creation which is still continuing today... as Einstein etc. said – then let's accept, welcome, rejoice and devote ourselves to that great energy.

Whichever is true, humans are very very small, and the way we make ourselves feel really important and big, is by sitting on the fence thinking about what might be true, instead of devoting oursleves to a higher ideal... endless abstract thinking is where humans excel.

I expand on these themes in My Personal Religious Views.

And having said that, it is important to remember the main message on this site: It is vital in life to focus – especially on higher aims and ideals. But only, ever, exclusively focusing is an unbalanced use of our sensory faculties. Every other animal on our planet alternates all their focused activities with periods of panoramic sensing.

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