Simple Starting Prayer
Dear life, what do you want me to do today?

Forgive Me

Forgive me, i don't know what i've done. As Jesus on the cross says "forgive them, they know not what they do". Forgive me. I've cherished my ego. I haven't given 100%. Forgive others, they have even less hope and more need. Forgive us all.

I Love You

As in Jesus greatest commandment : "love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your strength, and with all your understanding". My understanding of God is a sublime spirit energy. My understanding is love with all my imagination, creativity, my body, even my sexuality.

Love brings us into contact with magic. Opening up to the greater energies is the only way to let them work on us. Love is the simplest and probably the most direct way of opening up to the greater energies.

Thank You

Thank you for life. Without the great creative energy we wouldn't exist. And if we touch the great energy, peace, or happiness, it's essential to feel thanks because otherwise our ego will recoice in itself.

Help Me

Help me and help us. Help me live in the truth. Help our vulnerability and our weaknesses. Help us all, we are lost and confused.

Maybe just asking for help can be successful, but why deny the greater energy? – Dear Spirit please help us. Have mercy on us.

Prayer for Others

Prayer can also be for others and here blessing in my own name is presumptuous even preposterous and arrogant, destined to cause ego-pride – here we need a great spirit. And then it's helpful to have a simple name like
God God isn't so much the Christian word, it's the English word – See The Great Creative Energy for details.
or Allah instead of repeating great creative spirit every time. If you want to be accepted by new-age-theorists call it Sheila or Fred.

With every breath, bless one old friend, and if we can stretch that to one old misunderstanding, or even one enemy, then good. God bless Patrick, God bless Linda, God bless Jasmine, God bless Andrea, etc. etc.

The Lord's Prayer

I find the idea of "Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name" very limiting.
I often pray "Dear spirit, who is everywhere, my life is in your hands... my life belongs to you".

And then: "Give us this day our daily bread". The word "manna" is translated simply as bread; originally "manna" referred to the bread of heaven, the holy spirit. Originally this meant "Let your spirit enter us today"; or "Please send us your holy spirit today."

Dear spirit come to me, work in me, work through me.

I find new prayers are always developing as an expression of, and creative response to needs.

In Addition

We are all addicted to something. An inspriring collection of everyday common sense prayers can be found on the Alcoholics Anonymous Prayer Sheet.


Oponopono is a new-age prayer from Hawii : "forgive me, i love you, i'm sorry, thank you".

Oponopono is better than many other new-age idealogies. It is pure in its simplicity. But the new-age influence is clear, it recognises no great creative God in its prayers.

And now, true to the normal human compulsion on focusing, instead of a great spirit, we find this replaced by other focal points. Now online the first things we'll find is Oponopono for success and making money and – perhaps the greatest temptation to modern egoism – the cleverness of complex theories on how and why it works.

Oponopono is sure to work to some extent, even for ego-greed. After a while hopefully the purity will shine through, but it seems a perverse starting point.

There is something essential missing from most of these new-age theories. Oponopono originates from a time when an almighty spiritual essence was just taken for granted, it was present in everything we did and thought, it was part of our mind-set. Another part of that mind-set was that people weren't as self centred – in those times we lived for and because of our social group.

These features need integration in modern Opono' otherwise it is just a remnant, a shell, an empty theory with a cool name. This applies to most modern ideas on Buddhism, yoga, etc.

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