Chapter Four

statue of Buddha with sunset in backgroundChapter 4 was the starting point of these essays. This is the train of thought which led me to experimenting with the panorama senses. It is unorthodox Buddhism, and will be generally unacceptable to traditional Buddhists. As there was so much to say directly about panoramic sensing, it would have been a shame to start the reader on unorthodox philosophical ideas.

Buddhism, Dukkha, and Repetitions
The Middle Way and The Third Truth

The Middle Way and the Third Truth (long version)
Desire is Dependent on Focusing

Further Discussion and Appendices
Dukkha In Depth
Historical and practical development of the wheel
a. History of Rotary Motion
b. Development of The Wheel
Development of the Meaning of Dukkha
c. Development of the meanings of Dukkha + Sukkha
d. Dukkha in Buddhism
e. Transmission of the Written Teachings
f. Suffering : A discussion of The First Truth
g. Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutra

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