I was very happy to have found such a wealth of teachings from animals. For almost 40 years, i'd been looking for something like this. Something simple, without any mystical or abstract intellectual depths.A cat meditating.

How animals use their senses of taste, smell, hearing, and seeing – open up whole new dimensions on life.

We must play at 'going on the lookout' with our children. Watching for movements all around and out of the corners of our eyes like blackbirds – listening-out for dogs and humans like a hare does – and smelling on the wind for coffee or food cooking, just as the hedgehog will smell for apples and beetles.

I've been practising these animal teachings for around 15 years now, and there are worlds here still to discover, but i'm getting old and slow, with too many illnesses to care for.

My dearest wish is that younger people, who have so much more time and experimental energy, will understand what i'm saying, develop it, and... who knows what they could discover...

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