'Training' or 'Taming the monkey mind', is an expression often used in meditation circles. Let's ignore the monkey mind for a while.

Sensing panoramically is the most practical, and natural way of starting the 'oneness-process'.

There are many different degrees and qualities of oneness or absorption. Sometimes the sensation is a lack of self, and sometimes an intense feeling that the environment is my own body... the presence of
God God isn't so much the Christian word, it's the English word – See The Great Creative Energy for details.
as far as i know it.

There is always a mild degree of this but i cannot recreate the intense experience of oneness at will, and then it's all the small practical points which are important.

The actuality of being here and now without any thought for a few seconds.

Then, whether it's an inner higher power or whichever God or great spirit you worship or get help from, being still and waiting for guidance is often recommended... and panoramic sensing is the natural way to be still and wait.

And when i'm sitting outside for a moment panoramically on my balcony... and in the emptiness, suddenly an idea occurrs to me; sometimes a new one, sometimes old and forgotten, but always, this is the next thing which i must do... it's relevant.

There is a vast unused potential in panoramic sensing. There are worlds here still to discover.

It can be used in combination with any form of focused worship or meditation etc. without endangering or subverting any cherished belief.

It is probably not as powerful as love or devotional belief can be; and i doubt if by itself it could ever be strong enough to overcome the routine mechanics of the ego, or replace forgiveness.

But it's easily accessible, and we can trust it to work without even having to believe in it. Therefore, it would be an excellent practical first step for most religious systems.

Panoramic sensing is the oldest, original, most natural, tried and tested form of being awake, aware, and here and now; and in touch with everything in the immediate environment. The chattering monkey becomes silent by ignoring him.

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