Oneness, Love, Empathy and Panoraming. These four words have a fundamental connection.

Most religions acknowledge the mystical experience of oneness. This is often described as a state where subject and object are no longer separated.

Two owls kissingLove is a common experience of a feeling of unity between two people; or sometimes a group, or with a beloved pet.

Human cultures have long recognised feelings of compassion and sympathy. However recently, since around 1870, various cultures have adopted the new concept of 'empathy', to describe a state of imagining how it feels to be, another person or animal.

And so, empathy also sometimes describes a state of being, where the subject is absorbed in an object.

Presently, these are the few, rare, special words, describing a state where the subject is intimately involved with the object.

And now i'm suggesting a fourth state, the least of these but maybe the starting point for all of them : the panorama senses – panoraming. The active receptive mindfulness which every animal must practice in order to survive.

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