Listening-out Internally

Though it's a curious wording, listening-out internally is easy to do. I don't mean the intuitive 'listening inside' for 'the spirit's messages', i mean actually listening to bones and muscles.

You can listen-out in a panoramic way inside your whole body, or listen focused on specific areas. You won't often hear anything, but exactly like with listening-out externally, that's not the point, it's the openness and readiness to hear which is the vital part.

Realise you can listen to bones and joints. In the same way you can 'listen-out' in a specific direction outside your body, you can listen to your body internally, to specific muscles and joints.

Listen-out into your hands and arms, listen to your legs... though you might not hear anything directly in your arms and legs, your stomach may often start rumbling.

There's a background beating, but that's more of a sensation than a sound.

I find it's especially good to listen to the spine, or any stiffness... notice how just listening relaxes the area, occasionally bones pop into place. Note also that ear plugs amplify the sounds inside your own body.

Seeing inside the body

This is a visualisation of the sense of touch and it seems to occur naturally as a consequence of listening inside. It is a feeling that you are seeing inside your body like an x-ray.

I am certain that animals with a high visual accuity have a vivid imaginary picture of how they look inside.

Obviously this visualisation involves a strong element of imagination, and although this is based in the actual feeling of inner touch, it still means it's open to all sorts of weird influences, which i would like children to clarify.

The effect is that the body feels much larger than it actually is, and there is a pleasant sense of emptiness.

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