This TED video on How dogs "see" with their noses, is very good, – (5 mins).

Smelling While Sleeping

Some dogs, sleeping by open windows, expand their nostrils when breathing in.

Though not conclusive : if you expand the nostrils and breathe in without smelling – warming and moistening the breath by its passage through the nasal canals – you will get a very sore throat.

This indicates that they are smelling while they are sleeping.

Intensive Sniffing

Watch Feldhase, European hare, Lepus europaeus notice at 0.18 how they smell with incredibly short inhalations .

These quick inhalations are similar to some wine connoisseurs, but wine connoisseurs only do it once or twice.

Notice also the same from of sniffing in – Hedgehog Sniffs and Licks nose – this is real cute and shows the same sniffing method, but here we can see the body expanding and contracting. It must intensify the scent. How do they do it, and, how do they do it without getting dizzy or short of breath?

It must be something like the bellows breath in yoga, where we force the air in and out by breathing from the daighragm.

Another cute sniffing video (but 6 mins long) is – Hedgehog sniffs food on stairs, and climbs there to get it.

This video of a hare is also a good example, especially at 00.08 to 00.13 taking short sniffs through the nose.

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