Every amoeba has chemoreceptors (for 'smelling and tasting'), and a generalised sensitivity to light and vibration. All other life forms, have a generalised sensitivity, the panorama mode, and use it to survive.

The panoramic mode must have evolved previous to focusing. An example of this is found in human babies who take around 12 weeks before they can focus. It is also evident in plant consciousness, with mosses and ferns evolving before curling creepers and flowers which 'focus on' and follow the sun around.

The panoramic mode has been around since life began. This is something we were all born with – and not a spirit body, nothing deep, philosophical,¬†or religious, nothing we have to believe in for it to work – it's a practical physiological ability which we have inadvertently suppressed.

It's our human birthright. "It is there within us all the while" (Tao Te King Arthur Waley translation 1934, Chapter 6).

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