Going Panoramic
At best – go outside – where things are moving and changing randomly... surprisingly... amazingly... then:


The nuthatch looks out while feeding.Find a boring, neutral, and motionless focal point straight ahead, fix your eyes on it – but be aware of, and look at everything else. It is especially stimulating to pay attention around the periphery.

Then find a blank wall, or a monotonous area of sky, anything which has no focal point, and fix your eyes on it – but look at and concentrate on all the interesting things happening everywhere else.


Because sounds are often quiet or quick, and especially nowadays with the constant noise of machines, it is necessary to listen-out, to listen actively.

Listen-out for changes. Listen-out for sudden sounds, nearby and in the distance. This is pre-emptive listening, ready and waiting for the first sign of anything new.

It depends on where you are and what sort of background noises there are, but it is often useful to listen-out for children and dogs. At night for hedgehogs and owls. You might not hear them, that's irrelevant, listening-out for them is the vital part.

Going Panoramic

Lookout panoramically. Once you can see, combine it with listening. Please experiment and give me feedback.

Do these first two exercises as well as you can, for a minute – repeat frequently, everyday, and whenever you want to.

The repetitive impulse of short regular periods of stimulation will act as a catalyst: they are the best way to tell your subconscious "it's time to remember".


Humans are so unfamiliar with their sense of smell that it takes time to develop.

Whenever you notice a good smell – coffee, a succulent meal, or at the bakers – take a moment to enjoy it. Notice how the smells seem to fill your whole body.

Stray Thoughts
After a few seconds, maybe even a panoramic minute, the stray thoughts are sure to start, and one thought will always lead to another. You have a choice: either go panoramic again, or settle on a wholesome focal point.

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