Short Summary Version

Humans secured their survival with their focusing abilities. Unlike all other animals, we learnt how to survive without using our panorama senses.

We focused on everything which gave us security or pleasure and civilisation slowly developed, cultural traditions, civilisation's habitual ruts. And over thousands of years, our cultural knowledge gathered momentum.

We repeated the things which gave us security and pleasure. it accumulated and multiplied.

Our modern early training of concentrated focusing on drawing, reading, and writing, and then later studying specialised subjects, are the results of our cultural development.

The human survival strategy lacks a fundamental balance.

Humans have a one sided experience of life, simultaneously our existence has become more insecure than it ever was.

It's not surprising that after thousands of years developing a one-sided way of sensing life, our human survival strategy has led us to a point of critical overload.

The post WW2 rat race has become the new normal, and as our cultural knowledge multiplies, the repetitions will continue, and the velocity will always increase.

And this incredible momentum of modern life is all based on focusing, because focusing is the way we use our senses in order to learn, remember, repeat, do, want, and get, all the things which bring us pleasure or security.

The human survival strategy lacks balance. And after an amazing million-year history of focusing for our survival, our one-sided strategy has now led us to a point of critical overload. We are overfocusing. Stuck in habitual patterns of thought, greedy and self-centred.

Panoramic awareness is the natural, tried and tested, counterbalance to focusing, and the cure for overfocusing.

This isn't a new religion. It's an innate potential which we ignore, it is probably the only natural resource which humans don't exploit.

All other animals need to use both ways of sensing, focusing and panoramic, in order to survive. The panorama senses are a different way of experiencing and understanding life.

Human children are born with this way of being in touch with and sensing the world.

We must balance our increasing stimulation and early education of focused reading, writing, and thinking, with an early education and encouragement of the panorama mode.

We are not using all our basic and natural sensory abilities to experience the world and our lives, we have a limited experience of life, so it's not surprising that we can't feel life completely as a whole, or feel wholesome or complete.

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