When hunting, predatory animals use panoramic seeing to watch over a limited panoramic area, and then look for specific changes within this area.

By combining the two ways of sensing, we can do lots of clever things. Panoramic hunting is a fascinating subject, but it's complex. It has to do with, and works in a similar way to focusing, it stimulates thinking and wanting but on a diiferent level.

It seems similar to what writers do when they're looking for a word, or musicians waiting for the next chord. As part of the creative process it's natural to just hover in a mental emptiness for a few seconds.

Using the walking exercise, looking a little above the horizon, is fun to do (if you're relatively tall) when walking through crowds of people, it gives you a good overview of the next obstacles and ways to weave through them.

How motorists combine focusing and panoraming enables us to do something 'clever', but it's not really a good example of the possibilities of panoramic hunting. Motorists only use their panorama senses subliminally, they must focus on where they are going, the road ahead, other drivers, multiple signals and mirrors.

I haven't ever really studied or started experimenting with panoramic hunting, it seems irrelevant. Pure panoraming is my interest. Panoramic hunting doesn't (directly) encourage peace of mind, unity, nowness, safeness, and all the other elementary essentials which are missing from modern civilised life.

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