Humans developed an astounding ability to think – to focus on memories and learn. Constructive thinking wouldn't be possible without focusing. Focusing allows us to focus on several isolated things at the same time, and combine them to make something new. Focusing can be amazingly creative, and it gets things done.

We coordinated focusing with our senses, bodies, and minds – and learnt to shape flint tools, to make fire, and wheels. We even found Gods to focus on. These all became cultural focal points, they gave us security and pleasure, and so they became cultural traditions, civilisation's habitual ruts.

And slowly over thousands of years as we repeated our cultural knowledge, it gathered momentum, it accumulated and multiplied; and slowly as we became more safe and secure with the fruits of our focused understanding, we inadvertently suppressed our
 broadband "Broadband" describes how animals sense their entire local environment, without focusing on any specific part of it.

Our modern early training of concentrated focusing on drawing, reading, and writing, and then later studying specialised subjects, are the results of our cultural development.

But now, after an astounding million-year-long history of focusing for our survival, our strategy has led us to a critical point. The post WW2 rat race has become the new normal, and as our cultural knowledge multiplies, the repetitions will continue, and the velocity will always increase.

And this incredible momentum of modern life is all based on focusing, because focusing is the way we use our senses in order to learn, remember, repeat, do, want, and get, all the things which bring us pleasure or security.

Life's Balance

Our human attitude to life, lacks a fundamental approach to, and way of sensing the world around us – a different way of experiencing and understanding it – the broadband way. I'm not saying it's better or worse – it's a different perspective.

All other animals have needed to use both perspectives in order to survive. This is a natural balance in life which all other animals have. It's been tried and tested by animals for billions of years. We have neglected the development of our broadband sensory abilities.

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