From the way we sense and the way we use our senses, we create the world we feel. This has often been said, but it usually refers to a psychological change of perspective - it is only rarely associated with our actual physical senses.

Animals have two modes of sensing: focused, and panoramic. They are different ways of experiencing how life actually happens.

Focused sensing evolved to do things. With focused sensing we can sense, think, and do, all at the same time. Focusing is very clever. Focused thinking evolved to understand the distinction and relationship between objects, it always coordinates at least two things: a doer and a done to, a subject and an object.

Panoramic sensing is the direct connection with everything happening in the immediate environment. It evolved for the purpose of responding spontaneously without thinking. It is non-judgemental, but it is not impartial or indifferent.

The senses are usually seen as the door between us and the world outside us – in the panoramic reality our senses connect us with the world; the feeling is : we are the door.

Panoramic sensing is a baseline experience for any understanding of man. Without it, we are only considering a limited version of what human beings can do and be. Only considering humans in the context of focus points. Only understanding a relationship between 'I' and 'God'; or self and the world; – without the panoramic feeling of being now and connected with it.

We're not seeing the whole picture because we're only using part of our sensory abilities to feel it with.

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