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Hakalau Saved My Life
Forrest Knutson
Focus on a point slightly above eye level... put hands or fingers infront of you then spread them to the sides... All this is good. He talks about "absorbing all of it" mentions "look, but don't look" maybe gets a bit into paradox, but quickly gets back on point.

He talks about our normal state of focusing as the predator mode, i can see what he means, it's our doing-getting mode. However, my teachers disagree... in the animal world predators combine both forms of sensing focusing and panoramic.

Hakalau In Zen - Yogi Explains
Forrest Knutson
Very true, losing fixation, and continued best explanations i've seen online. With a connection to a form of Zen Buddhism.

Getting a little worried that the guy now calls himself "Yogi". I won't go into details, but this is why i always refer to animals as the gurus. They are always there as reference points - human gurus are always going to limit the living experience.

In the last few minutes where he's talking about inanimate objects breathing, i think he's getting carried away. Animals would never feel this. This was not caused by pure panoramic sensing, it was caused by a combination of panoramic sensing and maybe some altruistic thought or attitude which arose... an added external factor, maybe even a smell, which awakened a sense of inner body taste... The combined effects of panoramic sensing and inner body awareness are almost completely unresearched.

Googling for Hakalau leads me to
leads to
Aloha Wellness - Hakalau Meditation Technique Explained by Master Massage Therapist Tamara Payne
She uses the method of a red dot and spreading the dot - short and simple.

The Hakalau - Peripheral Vision Part 1
The Hakalau - Peripheral Vision Part 2

Terry Elston
He does it with a spot on the wall, then expand awareness then include 2 more points, hold awareness of these 3 points, and then adding more and more bit by bit.
Part 2 I find his ideas impure, mystical, idealistic, touch the sea and up to scotland is not here and now, it's somewhere else, if you are present, you're not up in Scotland or by the seaside... he says "you can talk at the same time" talk is active, we certainly can't listen 'peripherally' at the same time as talking, usually they even stop chewing so they can listen, so i find his ideas unbelievable. He says knowing what's going to happen is true knowledge and security... this is vaguely related to animal security: being ready and waiting for anything which might happen... i find he's making up fancy philosophies about things he has little experience of.

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