The original practical use of panoramic sensing is obsolete and redundant. We have overcome the daily fears and insecurities which other animals have. We have beliefs, and houses of stone to make us feel safe.

But throughout evolution, going panoramic was the unquestioned and natural way to check that we were safe. We would just stop doing everything and be sensitive. And for animals this is a constant reminder of how it feels to be now, and in intimate contact with their environment.

Panoraming opens up a much needed dimension of an individuals' relationship with the world. And it does this directly, without any long term commitments, beliefs or secondary mystical complications.

There's nothing dramatic about it, it won't blow your mind... in itself it is very normal, nothing special – any animal can do it... maybe the only really fascinating thing, is what makes me write: how humans have lost this ability, and have become so completely blind to it and the potential it has.

It's reliable, easy and natural. It's a human birthright, we all used it as babies. It can be used in combination with any other form of focused worship or meditation etc. without endangering or subverting any cherished belief.

It's a vital part of the way all animals survive. It's a common denominator among all creatures and people of all cultures. It could be a basic unifying factor for people of all cultures.

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