Panoramic sensing evolved because it was the most direct method of being receptive to, and aware of sudden movements and changes in the immediate environment. Its primary use is to make life safe.

The value of panoramic sensing lies in coordinating and alternating it with focused sensing. For animals survival depends on using both modes of sensing.

Panoramic sensing doesn't lead to the same mental problems, and it doesn't have the same ingenious potential that focusing has. By itself it would not solve anything.

Humans focused on ideas, associated them and learnt. Modern civilisation depended on focusing to get things done. In modern times, humans only develop their focusing skills.

Humans have developed some unique ways of balancing their focused work activities with focused play activities, such as sport, entertainment, sex, and creative expression. And at the end of the day, all our focusing is balanced with sleeping.

Apart from dreamless sleeping, humans have no balance for all our focused activities.

Animals don't focus on fun, creativity, or mental images, as a balance for their focused work. Animals must learn, develop, and practice, a general receptive awareness of their environment in order to secure their survival. Animals use the panorama mode of sensing as a balance to focused activity, and also while sleeping.

Sometimes humans balance all their outward activities by looking for inner peace, and then typically we close the eyes and focus on
God God isn't so much the Christian word, it's the English word – See The Great Creative Energy for details.
or the breathing, a mantra, prayer or image. We listen to music, we remember love and lovers, we focus on something specific.

These are all ways and methods to help bring our lives in balance, and help us to connect with and find forgotten or unrealised parts of ourselves.

Why not just do it in the most direct and straightforward way – the panoramic way?

Panoramic sensing IS a forgotten, unrealised part of ourselves, and evolution's basic balance in life.

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