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The Benefits of Panoramic Sensing

Our cultures have developed some ingenious and valuable balances for our focused work.

Sport where we focus on the ball. Entertainment, where we focus on the screen, or on someone else who is focused on entertaining us. Our spiritual lives, where we have a higher focal point, a God, or we focus on the breathing. Creative art and music, where we focus with our imagination.

From a panoramic perspective, the way we try and balance our 'doing-focusing-working time' with our 'free time' is ironic.

Animals don't balance their focusing activities with more focusing on being creative or having fun. Being creative is a wonderful human activity. And i've nothing against play or having fun. Play is an amazing balance for work. But panoraming is the way animals balance all of these.

Sleep is often considered as the main balance for the days activity. Brown Hare dozing with ears turned outwards.Animals even balance their sleep with panoraming.

Birds sleep with one eye open and the hare turns his ears outwards, open for sounds.

Beavers and Work
Beavers seem to hardly bother to check their environment while they are working... maybe this unawareness is an effect of "work".

The other times when animals are so focused, that they probably have no panoramic awareness are during courtship, and when fighting with each other.

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