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There are two important practical areas of self-perpetuating and exponential repetition where i don't fully understand the connection. Population Explosion and Inflation. Can you help? – any ideas?

Ultimately these ideas on population maybe interesting, but the only essential point is that they involve exponential repetitions.


Self-reproduction, our desire to produce an image of ourselves in our children, is a form of self-perpetuating repetition. Add this to a few million years of child deaths, repressed in our cultural memory, and it was predestined to become an explosive situation! ...

I often hear parents, saying their children are all they are really going to leave behind – they're the only real things we've really got – that's the magic of children – they've got us in them... what does this all mean? What is this psychological need to reproduce ourselves... to give our children a better life... etc.

I note that in countries without social welfare systems, having lots of children, in an extended family is still probably the best social and health-care policy.

And i note that China recently revoked its one child per family policy. They are now asking families to have three children, because otherwise there won't be enough people to keep the economic system going.


The need for all the workers to work more and more, to cover inflation. Real estate being the only real wealth, shown by the increase in rents which drive everything else. See Inflation and Debt for more on this.

Money and Population

Let's imagine there was suddenly half as many people in the world.

There would be half as many farmers, small traders, and eaters, and they wouldn't be affected much. But the big corporations, the supermarkets, car dealers and internet traders, would make half as much money, - so big corporations have a vested interest in increased population, but that's not so spectacular.

But with so many empty houses, the housing market would collapse, the building trade, landlords and land owners would lose enormously and exponentially.

In 1970 every month i paid 15 pounds for food and 10 for rent. Now i pay 150 euro for food and 500 for rent. Food has increased by 100%, these days i eat a third as much, so lets say 300%, but rent has increased by 5,000%. The cost of buildings and rent is the driving force in inflation.

Basically, more population means rich people making more money.

But is the population increase being fostered by the rich and powerful. It is, but to what extent and is this intentional?

Throughout history the population has been steadily increasing. Organised religion wanted more souls because that meant more power. then there's the economic advantages of the Chinese birth policy. How far does it actually go?

The need to be cunning

I heard of the cunning needed by Native American tribes, whose initiation rites these days no longer involve killing animals (they're too precious) but stalking them and pulling hairs or feathers from their tails... We don't want to kill it, or hurt it - this new life form - 'our culture' - like any precious life form - it needs coaxing with fascinating tricks and all our cunning.

I wish i was more cunning - but i feel i need the skills and talents of a tribe, to track this modern human animal... and find out exactly where it is now, where it's going, and then how to win it's trust and tame it. And how to start a peaceful and successful revolution. Have YOU any ideas? Contact Me.

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