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The Added Benefits of Panoramic Sensing

Similar to many meditations, pamoramic sensing gives a sense of safety.

In its purist form as vulnerable animals use it, panoramic awareness is evolutions' safeguard against danger. Animals know that both their dozing and focused modes are not really safe, unless they are combined with panoramic activity.

The constant reassurance they feel by panoraming, must be connected with subconscious and even instinctive feelings of safety and security; it must generate an emotional and psychological feeling of being safe.

Maybe the sensation of safety has a scientific explanation in the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Panoramic sensing is the best therapy for vulnerability, panic, fear, and worry.

Rather than be vulnerable, or paralysed by panic, fear, and worry – every other second the blackbird will interrupt her delicious worm, and go panoramic to check her surroundings.

We humans no longer need to interrupt life's pleasures, we used our focusing talents to make life safe, we are no longer vulnerable; but we've become indifferent, we've lost our panoramic awareness, and with that, we've lost the ability to neutralise our panic, fear, and worry.

However, i'm still questioning the reasons for this 'safe' feeling. It must be partly because we can recognise the sudden sounds and sights which happen with our reasoning powers.

To what extent is it because i can do it at the same time as 'knowing' things are safe?

Human Safety

Modern humans have houses of stone, and live in rooms with double glazing, where smells don't change, and most things don't move or make noises (except warning signals when the fridge is open or when the cooking is done). Rooms are safe.

Even out in the world there is a long list of things like maps, signs, traffic lights and road markings, laws, policeman, and insurance, all of which humans have invented to make life even more safe – long after we eliminated anything which could eat us alive.

Modern humans ignore the privilege and luck we have of actually being safe. Now that we have no need to be scared by all the small sudden movements and changes in our immediate environment, we could just enjoy feeling alive and connected with all other living things.

How ironic that animals can't really enjoy it, because of their fear of predators like humans. How ironic that humans now that they don't need to fear for their lives, have forgotten how to use it.

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