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A brown hare grazing and listening.Animals have two ways of using their senses, focused and
panoramic. Panoramic is a far better descriptive word than peripheral.
They need to use both perspectives in order to survive.

Modern day humans only train and develop their focusing abilities. We are neglecting something which every other animal needs to survive.

Welcome To The Panorama

A beaver chewing on a tree, scenting the breeze.

From Chapter 1. The Animal Teachings
Learning Experience : The Magic Terrace

Kingfisher watching and waiting.
From Chapter 5.
A New Beginning

Personal Closing Word
Our Animal Gurus


The essays and entire site keeps on developing, changing, simplifying. If you haven't the time to read it all now, please bookmark the site and come back later.

IMPORTANT for translations. The mistake that all AI translators make, is that they normally translate "focus" as "concentration". This completely distorts the meaning of the texts.

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