brown hare grazing and listeningAnimals have two ways of using their senses, focused and panoramic.

Animals need to coordinate both ways of sensing in order to survive. Any animal species which doesn't do this would become extinct.

Modern day humans only train and develop their focusing abilities. We are neglecting something which every other animal needs to survive.

robin alternating between focused and panoramic sensingSensing in the panoramic way is a different way of experiencing and understanding how life actually happens.

The way we sense and the way we use our senses, determine how we relate to the world.

This is an innate potential which we have collectively learnt to ignore, it is probably the only natural resource which humans don't exploit.

What We Can Learn From Animals

From Chapter 1. Welcome To The Panorama
The Various Types of Panoramic Sensing

Summary of Chapter 2. The Personal Benefits
The Value of Panoramic Sensing

Summary of Chapter 3. Civilisations Habitual Ruts
The Habitual Ruts of Security and Pleasure
Balancing on Solid Earth

Personal Closing Word
Our Animal Gurus

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