This site is about the so-called 'peripheral senses'. Latin based languages refer to these senses as 'panoramic'. The Panorama Senses is a far better way to describe how animals use these senses.

The Basic Principles

Animals have two ways of using their senses, focused and panoramic. They need to use both perspectives in order to survive.

Modern day humans only train and develop their focusing abilities. We are neglecting something which every other animal needs to survive.

What We Can Learn From Animals

Chapter 1. How Animals Practice Mindfulness
Seeing: Welcome To The Panorama

Summary of Chapter 2. The Personal Benefits
The Benefits of Panoramic Sensing

Summary of Chapter 3. Civilisations Habitual Ruts
The Habitual Ruts of Security and Pleasure
Restoring The Balance

Summary of Chapter 4. Buddhism and Wheels
Buddhism, Dukkha, and Repetitions
The Middle Way and The Third Truth

Personal Last Word
Our Animal Gurus

The essays and entire site keeps on developing, changing, simplifying. If you haven't the time to read it all now, please bookmark this site and come back later.

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