(experimental, nothing proven, draft versions, excuses, etc.)


Now i put together the craziest ideas so far, and then go a bit further :

Simply defocuss your eyes and be aware of the peripheral vision, all the way round the periphery, (don't forget to blink your eyes). Now the same with the ears, without focussing just listen to sounds all around and miles away, (you will need somewhere peaceful away from electrical noise), but already you might start feeling a little like what i call the transparent person.

Taste the taste in your mouth, it's so normal for you, that you have ceased to be aware of it, don't concentrate on it – just being aware is enough to start, swallow and taste... then smell... it's 90% always the same, because of your own odour – but thats a good point – it's a constant in our changing lives – here are things which are really real and secure... ideas (and egos) are so insecure, they always need new definition, new confirmation...

Maybe this is meant to fit together with the vision and hearing idea above  – the one is so constant and central; the other so without boundaries, with nothing to hold onto.

Creative Dozing
i believe to "creatively doze" longer than 10 minutes we would need to start being aware with our body... almost listening with the body... (i start to wonder if among animals, hair and fur might also have a function as antennae...).

I am fairly sure that – without the knowledge that we have lungs which are pumped by a diaghphram – the experience of breathing, would be an experience of the entire body expanding and contracting...

Infact, I am fairly sure that before mirrors and photographs, so for most of evolution, animals have only had a vague idea of how big they were and what shape they had.

Also without knowing where the ears are and what they do – i believe the sensation of listening is one of listening through the entire top back and sides of your head.

Whatever animals imagine is probably an important part of being alive... so even if it is what we call imaginary, the internal sensation of being in a cacoon of smells and warmth and sounds and space is probably very healthy... i can only say it's interesting, it's interesting to imagine all the electrical-magnetic-energies circulating... it can feel like a sort of energy cleaning system... a bit like the blood and lymphic system clean the body.

So I always thought i was a realist and i don't like irrational leaps of faith and fantasy. I know there are lots of people who believe there must be some sort of energy field round every living thing; and now i am questioning if animals have been having this "cacoon fantasy" since 3,500,000,000 years, just because thats how it feels from the inside; but since we have mirrors and solid images of ourselves, we have brought our innate self-image out of balance?