shrew family in linewoodcock danceVan Gogh - Cornfield with Crowsmagpie learning how to operate a seesaw

Woman camoflauged as a Butterfly

woman turns into a butterfly

Beaver giving an eye massageWould you believe a dog in a cabbage making out with a bunny.

Or a bunny on a tortoise eating a tulip.




magpie learning how to operate a seesawA magpie learning how to operate a seesaw.

Beaver giving an eye massageMethods of Physical Exercise.

A beaver rubbing his eyes.

ape beating on chestbear getting a back rub against a treeGood for clearing the lungs.

Or, how to do it yourself back massage. I sometimes rub my back against door frames, first one side of the spine, then the other.


peacock displaying featherscanary making his own tail feather extensions Dedicated Followers of Fashion in the animal world.

So, the males often make the game in the fashion shows. Canaries often make their own tail feather extensions.


turkey dad on road crossing dutyRoad Safety

Turkey dad doing a perfect job.

pigmy goat on seesawhorse and goat on a rocking boardBalance in Life

Pigmy goat learns how a seesaw works.

Horse rocking and rolling and a goat gets a free ride. .

pigeon rocking on a shovelAlso an enterprising pigeon.

I have to keep writing's the easiest way to program so many gifs.

starling on the lookouttwo cats sharing a can of foodA Couple of Extras

Starling in the rain.

Two kittens sharing midday lunch.


lovely but rather dozy donkey playing with its earsAnd a cuddly but rather dozy donkey, it seems domesticated animals also lose some of their panoramic astuteness.

Pigeon focusing on computer screenDuck flying on top of a craneOnline Pigeon mesmerised by social media.

And a lazy and clever duck flying on a crane.


Beluga whale dancing in bubblesA beluga whale playing with bubbles he's just blown. Dolphins do this too.



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