There are two special areas, which i haven't covered. I am no expert on these. I realise there are many different forms of autism and attention deficiency and maybe what i suggest applies only to some forms.

But firstly i wonder how autism and
 broadbanding "Broadband" describes how animals sense their entire local environment, without focusing on any specific part of it.
are connected. And in essence if autists are unable to inhibit their broadband sensitivity.

So, i'm wondering if exercises on smelling, especially humming and the sense of taste – could be a stabilising influence for autistic people, and people who are extremely sensitive or agoraphobic.

Then quite generally and especially with ADHS, i'm wondering about the wisdom of a balanced learning system, teaching both focused and broadband sensing.

I wonder how often a child's natural broadbanding may sometimes be confused with daydreaming. And even if not, then broadband games would constructively channel any need to digress or daydream.

I'd be very interested in communication with experts in these fields.

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